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This Week’s Best eLearning News and Articles (Issue 11)

12 Conference Videos from DevLearn 2013 Now Available 
Explore what’s coming next in the world of eLearning with new conference videos fresh from DevLearn 2013 Conference & Expo! The eLearning Guild has just posted 12 video recordings of the most popular concurrent session and keynote presentations from the conference. Log in to your eLearning Guild account or create a complimentary Associate account to watch the videos today (access varies based on membership level).

4 Effective Gamification Strategies for Corporate Training
How do game-based learning, gamification, and eLearning designers learn ways to increase engagement and effectiveness in corporate training? By looking at popular games! Here we look at the wildly successful Candy Crush Saga to teach us 4 effective gamification design strategies for your next learning game project.

Big Data and How It’s Changing e-Learning 
You’ve probably heard the term Big Data, and maybe you’ve wondered exactly what it is and how these digital breadcrumbs relate to the e-Learning world. Find out the answers to all your questions, including what the benefits are and how Big Data is changing the way we approach e-Learning design.

6 Elements for Awesome eLearning Games
Elearning games are engaging and fun when done right. That is why understanding elements of gaming can dramatically take your course from lame to fame. Learn these 6 awesome eLearning game elements and be awesome.

How effective is your learning? Tips on assessing the effectiveness of Online Training 
In organizations, training is a constant activity. And with more and more organizations adopting online training, the reach and availability of training is increasing manifold. But what about its effectiveness – Can that be measured or quantified?

5 Ideas for Cutout People Images in eLearning 
Everyone needs great ideas for their next eLearning course. Try adding cutout people images for a more visual learner experience. These five ideas can quickly be implemented in your course today.

The Role of the Instructional Designer in the Social Learning Era
Social learning has been much discussed over the last few years. There seems to be a wide consensus that social media can contribute substantially to organizational learning efforts. The acceptance of informal learning as a major contributor to employees’ competencies has brought about several fascinating methods and tools that facilitate and encourage the internal conversation and collaboration, which are the essence of social learning.

Mike Rustici – Crystal Balling with Learnnovators 
In an exclusive interview with Learnnovators, Mike Rustici talks about the Tin Can API specification, and how it is spreading throughout the world, getting people excited, spurring innovation, changing an entire industry, and might actually end up affecting how children are educated.

Is Gamification More Than Just a Buzzword?
Are games just fun, or do they actually facilitate learning?

The Good, Bad and the Ugly Side of Corporate MOOC
The hype for MOOC and Open educational resources cannot be ignored today. Although there is still much to be explored, the progress of open education at present era attracts a great deal of attention. It often throws a question if Corporate MOOC is for profit-making platform rather than it could reach many more learners, leading to a networked social and economic benefit, and could give great instructors an authoritative position.

5 Tips for Online Student Time Management
Ever consider how asynchronous online students manage their time? Ever receive emails about the online workload? The following 5 tips might help online students adjust to your online learning environment and prevent burn out.

What do Online Teachers and Online Students Really Want 
What determines the satisfaction level of online teachers and students? How can we measure the level of happiness of teachers and students? Read ahead to find some relevant data, along with some personal inferences.

Best Practices for Building an Online Community (what you really should be doing)
Follow these best practices for building an online community and you’ll have a group of happy excited learners.  I recently built a thriving community following these guidelines.

Informal Online Learning: What the dog saw 
This is a blog post I wrote earlier this year that help shape my thinking as I was grappling with the role of informal learning for our e-learning audiences. To sum it up, we (e-learning practitioners) need to plan for all of the ways that learning takes place and shape the learning environment(s) to put all learning avenues into context.

Free Educational Technology

The 5 Best Free Flashcard Creation Tools for Teachers 
Let’s face it: all students need to study. However, most students don’t want to study. So the question is: How do we encourage them to study? Better yet, how do we make studying enjoyable? The answer: employ these 5 Best Free Flashcard Creation Tools. They’ll make studying an active process and get your students engaged with the material they need to learn.

27 Free Survey, Polls, and Quizzes Tools for Teachers 
Would you like to create polls, surveys, quizzes, test, diagnostics and assessments quickly and easily? What if I tell you that you can do all these for Free?

eLearning Infographics

What Does An Instructional Designer Do? Infographic
Several professionals are involved in the instructional design field. However, do you know the full range of what an instructional designer do? A large group of ASU Instructional Designers and Technologists were asked to tell about the work they do!

Instructional Systems Design Infographic
Built from the topics covered at Cj’s Instructional Systems Design blog, the Instructional Systems Design infographic begins with the supporting theory basis and displays the depth and breadth of the instructional design profession’s art and science.

Twitter for Teachers Infographic
The Twitter for Teachers Infographic was created by USC Rossier School for Education. Whether you are new to Twitter or an #edchat veteran, The Twitter for Teachers Infographic can help clarify terms and best practices that will make the most out of your Twitter networking experience.

The Online Education Revolution Infographic
The world of online education has quickly become a rapidly growing alternative to the more traditional forms of higher education. With easy access to programs such as MITx, Coursera, and the Khan Academy, attending university has not only become easier and more efficient for the average post-secondary school graduate, but also significantly cheaper. So, what is this education revolution? Where is it going and when did it start?

eLearning Jobs

ERP Training – Plateau IS Admin job at Berkeley, CA, United States
Highly respected and globally recognized East Bay Biotech Corporation seeks an ERP Administrator.

Storyline Designer/Developer job at New York, NY, United States 
Our retail client located in NYC is seeking to hire a Stroryline Designer/Developer with  HTML5  The ideal candidate would also have Adobe Suite, specifically Adobe Edge Suite and Adobe After Effects.

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