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This Week’s Best eLearning News and Articles (Issue 13)

Discount for the eLearning Template Library

Join the Family and Get 20% OFF the eLearning Template Library
To make this great offer available to all eLearning Industry members, eLearning Brothers offers a 20% discount towards an eLearning Template Library membership. Use discount code “FAMILY2013” during checkout. Hurry before this offer expires on December 12, 2013. Don’t wait to sign up to the eLearning Template Library! Start making awesome eLearning with a your subscription today!

131 Tips on Graphics and Animations for eLearning
Do you need to produce visually rich and professional-looking learning deliverables—without the benefit of a dedicated illustrator or animator? With just a little knowledge of visual design principles, coupled with the power of modern graphic and animation tools, you can dramatically improve the look and feel of your learning deliverables. This complimentary eBook, from The eLearning Guild, provides 131 tips to help. Download your copy today!

Top 10 e-Learning Statistics for 2014 You Need To Know
The rise in e-Learning’s popularity isn’t showing any signs of slowing. In fact, judging by the following Top 10 eLearning statistics for 2014 article and infographic, the future of the e-Learning Industry is brighter than ever.

The Ultimate Guide to Mobile eLearning
“Mobile learning” is fast becoming another eLearning buzzword. It’s got its own esoteric terminology (“BYOD,” “Augmented learning,” “geo-aware”), its own abbreviations (“mlearning,” “ARGs”), and its own wildly inflated predictions about future usefulness.

Free eBook: How to Create Winning eLearning Courses
This eBook will help you understand the process so you can create a winning eLearning course of your own. It comes packed with simple tips and ideas on turning your content from an overwhelming mass of gray text to something that engages learners.

6 Essential Reasons to Use eLearning Templates
If you are new to eLearning Templates, here are six essential reasons to use eLearning Templates.

Top Tips to Make Your Mobile Learning Engaging
The key challenges in the design of any mobile learning content – here we’ll look at top tips to make mobile learning engaging for your audience.

Finding the Right Balance with Blended Learning
When it comes to employee training, sometimes finding and choosing the best eLearning method is difficult. Getting everyone to agree on one training method is often the most difficult task. For example, online training is extremely cost effective and time efficient, while classroom training has different yet equally important benefits. This makes it especially difficult to decide which method to use.

Helping Learners Remember What They Learn: 4 Time-Tested Principles
Highly competent instructional designers and professionals now make the most out of scientific research. They usually incorporate new insights, test them and repeat what works. Over time, the weaker insights falter then fade while the stronger ones remain. These scientific principles that stood the test of time are really worth looking at. Here are four of the best.

How To Deal With Poor Employee Performance
Performance management is undoubtedly a significant part of every manager’s job. The primary task of managers is to deliver high productivity by utilizing his/her team to reach its potential. Of course this is far from easy or simple. And periodically, even with effective management, motivated employees and a healthy environment, there will be some employees who are failing to meet performance expectations. At the following article you will find the top 5 tips to handle poor employee performance effectively.

Here’s Your Quick Guide to Understanding Adult Online Learners
Everyone learns a little bit differently. Some people excel with visual information while others have to hear or write something down for learning to stick. Just like each person has a learning style, groups have learning styles as well, especially adult learners.

5 Best Tips For Hosting BYOD Fair In Your School
Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) Fair is a must and should event that needs to be hosted every year by schools. The event not only allows the students to bring their own devices to classroom but also encourages collaboration significantly with other students in the same cohort. In addition the fair involves the local community vendors to offer discounts on new devices to students and faculty, it also offer hands-on workshops to teachers on latest advancements in instructional technology.

Virtual Classrooms – Democratizing Education
It is a common view that soft-skill programs work better with traditional teaching methodologies. The new era virtual classrooms have shown success in technical content-based courses. But what about courses whose very backbone is the interaction between instructor and learner? Technological advances have taken leaps and bounds over the last few years, enabling a smooth road of two-way communication. In a virtual setting, real time interaction is now possible – setting the scene for a fruitful communion of ideas and instruction.

Free Educational Technology

19 Free Text To Speech Tools
Would you like to relax your students’ tired eyes?  Is it sounds good to convert any written text such as Microsoft Word into spoken words? What about running a PowerPoint presentation and have a narration of the text on your slides? Would you be interested in a list of 19 Free Text to Speech tools?

Free Digital Storytelling Tools
Do you believe that Digital Storytelling is important in Education? Are you looking for a creative, critical, and powerful way to help your students? Would you be interested in a list of Free Digital Storytelling Tools?

17 Free Screen Capturing Tools
Are you interested for a list of free screen capturing tools? Would you like to create for free video tutorials? Upload, create, and share screen captures with your learners?

eLearning Infographics

Why Be Grateful to E-learning? Infographic
God Bless E-learning! This infographic is call to action, a call to express gratitude. For all that e-learning has showered us with; here is a chance to express your gratitude.

The Interactive Whiteboards Cheat Sheet For Teachers Infographic
We thought it would be a good idea to create an interactive whiteboard ABC!  Click Here and Print it out and hang it in your classroom as a constant reminder of the interactive whiteboard’s many features that will change your lessons forever. ABC’s are omnipresent in classrooms.

The Future of Education Technology Infographic
The Future of Education Technology Infographic attempts to organize a series of emerging technologies that are likely to influence education in the upcoming decades. Despite its inherently speculative nature, the driving trends behind the technologies can already be observed, meaning it’s a matter of time before these scenarios start panning out in learning environments around the world.

Pros And Cons Of Social Media In Education Infographic
Social media is growing and not going anywhere. Many schools are now embracing the move. By understanding this movement, schools can make better choices on how to utilize social media in education. This infographic from Online Universities takes a look at the pros and cons of social media in education.

eLearning Jobs

Global Instructional/eLearning Designer job at White Marsh, MD, United States
Prometric is expanding our training group by adding an Instructional/eLearning Designer who will be responsible for the curriculum design for training programs, activities including instructor led, online, and alternative. This person will be responsible for developing and writing content, both traditional and e-learning training and materials. This person will work extensively with internal parties to successfully do his/her job.

eLearning Events

Philippine E-Learning Opens Its Doors to the World
The Philippine eLearning Society (PeLS) present the International Congress on eLearning 2013 (ICE2013) on December 6-7, 2013.

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