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Instructional Design Models and Theories

This Week’s Best eLearning News and Articles (Issue 14)

Instructional Design Models and Theories
What follows is not just a simple trip down the history of instructional design, its models and theories. Each of the following 33 instructional design milestones has been chosen not only for its importance in the field of learning, but also for its impact for future generations, research and various related disciplines, such as psychology, sociology, anthropology, demography, and even biology and physiology.

How To Write Aims and Objectives for eLearning Courses
Aims and objectives can sometimes be incredibly confusing but every eLearning course needs to have them. Here’s an explanation of what they are, why they’re needed and a simple way to write aims and objectives for eLearning courses.

How to Focus Attention in Adult Learning and E-learning
Studies show that focus is a key attribute for performance improvement and success in life. Yet today’s modern workplace is full of distractions, from text to tweets. Check out these effective techniques for increasing focus for adult learners participating in e-learning, classroom training, and other learning events. From nano-learning to rewards, learn how to focus attention and improve e-learning outcomes.

When E-Learning Technologies Embrace Big Data
Learning will become increasingly personalized with E-Learning, through leveraging big data analytics to provide interactive learning that is tailored to meet each individual’s skills, objectives, and expectations.

Gaze Into The Future Of E-Learning With Tom Kuhlmann
“Crystal Balling with Learnnovators” is a thought-provoking interview series that attempts to gaze into the future of elearning. In this interview, Learnnovators speaks with Tom Kuhlmann, who many consider as “the” guru in elearning instructional design. Check out the interview to find out why!

Moving to Mobile – What are the Gotchas?
So you want to move to mLearning. Great! Do you know how to get there from where you currently are? Not sure how to get started? This blog series will discuss seven categories I’ve found helpful in creating a mLearning strategy.

Free book increasing access through #mlearning
Free book on things to consider when implementing mobile learning.

How to Create a Drag and Drop Interaction in Adobe Captivate
Adobe Captivate has an easy way to create drag and drop interactions. The drag and drop interaction in Adobe Captivate is basic knowledge but an essential understanding allows you to have more creative control in your courses. Learn how to use this valuable interaction in the video.

LMS Support: Train your staff the right way! 
Implementing a new LMS in your school or organization should centrally support the staff into new environment. Doing this the right way may include facilitating workshops and demonstrations, drop-in sessions and on request training. Further it will require online information with a help desk. Despite of the training efforts you make to minimize the reaction to change, often staff with less tech knowledge are left out. Overcoming these drawbacks can help you save costs on training as well as optimizing the full learning management systems.

Improve Your Skills with Guild Academy Live Online Training
Improve your current skills set or gain new expertise to help you in your career with Guild Academy Live Online Training Courses. Held in the Guild’s virtual classroom, these sessions combine explanation, demonstration, practice, coaching, and feedback, and their instructors help individualize the learning experience through the use of examples and real-world scenarios. Duration of each course varies depending on the curriculum.

What Is BYOD And Why Is It Important To Your Organization’s Online Training? 
With more and more employees bringing their mobile devices to work, it may seem like a problem. In fact, it’s a unique opportunity to train your workforce.

Free Educational Technology

Top 10 FREE Google Chrome Extensions for Teachers
Are you looking for Google Chrome Extensions for educational purposes? If yes, try out the Top 10 FREE Google Chrome Extensions for Teachers.

31 Free Social Bookmarking Tools
Social bookmarking is very popular in education. From creating a set of resources to conduct research and share it with your students, social bookmarking can help you achieve better learning outcomes. Would you be interested in a list of 30 28 Free Social Bookmarking Tools?

eLearning Infographics

The 70-20-10 Model Infographic
Would you like to prepare your organization for the 70-20-10 Model? If yes I highly encourage you to check The 70-20-10 Model Infographic

The EdTech Cheat Sheet for Teachers Infographic
Trying to understand new educational technology trends with all of the new buzzwords in the booming education technology sector can leave you feel overwhelmed.  Boundless created this great edtech infographic that I highly encourage you to share it with fellow educators and teachers or even better print it out.

The PISA 2012 Results Infographic
How OECD countries scored at the PISA’s 2012 results? How does your country compare for reading, maths, and science?

eLearning Presentations

Global trends in the e-Learning industry
The following presentation was created for my virtual presentation “Global Trends in the eLearning Industry” at the International Congress on eLearning 2013 organized by the Philippine eLearning Society. Check the: 1) Top 8 Future eLearning trends of the Global eLearning Industry, and 2) Top 7 Future eLearning technologies of the eLearning Industry. Last but not least, you are more than welcome to embed the Global Trend in the eLearning Industry presentation at your site or blog.

Instructional Design Models and Theories: Classical Conditioning 
1903 – Ivan Pavlov discovers Classical Conditioning Theory, while conducting research on the digestive system of dogs. Later classical conditioning theory was applied to humans by John B. Watson. You are more than welcome to embed the Instructional Design Models and Theories: Classical Conditioning presentation at your site or blog.

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