Issue #169

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This Week’s Best eLearning News and Articles (Issue 169)

Introducing The Cheat Sheet Series: If You Don't Use It, You're Not Trying

Introducing The Cheat Sheet Series: If You Don’t Use It, You’re Not Trying
Information is king, we all know that. And we get too much of it these days. Enter Cheat Sheets. A tidy and quick way to get highly relevant tips on making the most out of eLearning and your LMS. The Cheat Sheet series is simple, organized, and curated by eLearning professionals. This means you will receive all the information you actually need, as quickly as possible, and store it for reference whenever you need it.

Why SCORM Compliance Is Absolutely Essential For Any Best-In-Class LMS
No, SCORM isn’t a Scandinavian heavy metal band, although it might make a great name for one. SCORM is an acronym that stands for sharable content object reference model, and it’s the de facto standard to package your learning content that can easily be read by an LMS.

10 Success Factors For Online Learners
Discover the 10 critical factors that help online learners get the most out of your eLearning courses! What will help you succeed in online learning?

2 Things To Consider When Defining Business Goals For A Course
A business goal is the factor that determines that a course is in fact needed. But how do we make sure they are meaningful, realistic and achievable? Read on to know more.

Top 3 Collaboration Activities For Your eLearning Course
Looking for a way to truly engage your learners? Try integrating these 3 collaboration activities in your eLearning courses for a more interactive training!

Creating A Simple Animated Title Page For Adobe Captivate 9 Courses
Want to know how to create an Animated Title Page for your eLearning courses? Check how to create a simple Animated Title Page using Adobe Captivate 9.

How Can You Use Microlearning To Increase Employee Engagement And Performance?
To achieve high employee engagement and performance gain, your training must be precise, and easy to assimilate and apply on the job. In this article, I will outline how microlearning can be used for formal training and performance support to achieve higher employee engagement and performance.

Customer Spotlight: Tesco Uses Elucidat To Create eLearning Modules In Days, Instead Of Months
Tesco, the United Kingdom’s largest retailer with 500,000 employees globally, wanted to move away from face-to-face training and make better use of digital learning.

Keys For Choosing Employee Engagement Software
We review employee engagement platforms and discuss it’s most important components you need to consider when choosing your engagement software.

9 Tips To Repurpose eLearning Content
Are you about to spend valuable time and resources developing new eLearning content? Before you do, take a moment to read these 9 tips for re-purposing your existing eLearning materials.

The User Experience Hierarchy Of Needs
Does your LMS that satisfy the User Experience Hierarchy of Needs? Find out what your LMS needs to keep your learners engaged with their training programme.

Having The Fingers In Every Pie: Why An Explainer Video With Hands Is Much Better Than One Without
An explainer video with hands is the 3-minute solution to explaining a complex topic in a way your audience understands, likes, remembers. Find out why!

3 Easy Ways To Add Blended Learning To Employee Onboarding
In this overview, I will describe why blended learning deserves a top place on any list of trends in corporate training for 2017, since it is one of the easiest ways for learning managers to add flexibility and personalization to training while still measuring the ROI for their learning projects.

10 Rules To Follow For Fruitful Inclusion Of Multimedia In eLearning
Success of eLearning lies in the fact that it can include a variety of learning opportunities – self-paced training, just-in-time information as well as guidance from experts. With the help of technology, e-learning deliveries readily accessible digital content and creates a learner-oriented environment.

3 Neurotransmitters To Enhance Corporate Learning And Engagement
Neurotransmitter is a term for chemicals that are synthesized in brain cells. As a learning and development leader and professional, you have the power to influence synaptic brain activity.

Best Practices For Developing Corporate Training Simulations
Corporations are gradually realizing the training potential of simulations. Corporate training simulations are specialized programs that help your employees to learn and practice real-world activities in a risk-free and controlled environment.

Designing Learning In 2017 – Part Two
Designing Learning 2017: Did you know that a lot of people hate PowerPoint? At Obsidian Learning, the Distributed Learning Model is the basis of our designs.

Can Imagination Enhance eLearning Efforts?
What is the solution for employers who want their employees to learn in a structured environment and grow in their creative capacities? The answer is eLearning.

5 Little-Known Facts About eLearning Professionals
eLearning outsiders may already know that eLearning Professionals are the ones working behind the scenes to create eLearning courses. However, there are some tidbits about eLearning professionals that may come as a surprise to online learners, and even some industry newcomers.

4 eLearning Challenges In Creating Courses For Multiple Devices Including Smartphones
In this technology-savvy world, the learners use multiple devices to stay connected with the world, and simultaneously use their free time effectively by browsing information on their smartphones, iPads, etc.

5 Reasons Why You Need To Invest In Employee Training
In this article, we will outline 5 reasons why you need to invest in employee training, even during economically challenging times.

eLearning Industry Top Authors

We Need A Workplace Performance Focus – Now
If you’ve been listening to organizational Learning and Development (L&D) chatter in the last few years, you’ve begun to hear more and more talk about “performance”.

Making Learning Work
If we want to build agile, responsive, and high-performance workforces, we need to shift from learn-then-work to learning from work.

4 Ways For Employee Engagement And Effective Training
Employee engagement is becoming a bigger issue, leading to retention problems and stunted organizational growth. The key to curbing engagement problems lies in the training program.

6 Ways To Use Mistake-Driven Learning
We are fastidious about teaching learners all the right things. Do this, then do that, and then that. We don’t want to miss out on any point, lest they make a mistake. But what can mistakes teach us?

8 Reasons Why Outsourcing Custom Content Development Helps Every Business
With changing business dynamics, businesses need to focus on core activities and outsource other functions. Outsourcing custom content development is now an established and beneficial practice.

eLearning Jobs

eLearning Project Manager
eLearning Project Manager Job at National Glass Association. Apply now with your resume at Completely free.

Financial Training Associate
Financial Training Associate Job at NRUCFC. Apply now with your resume at Completely free.

Instructional Design Specialist, Part Time
Instructional Design Specialist, Part Time Job at Miami University Regionals. Apply now with your resume at Completely free.

eLearning Associate
eLearning Associate Job at The American Institute of Chemical Engineers. Apply now with your resume at Completely free.

eLearning Instructional Design Evaluation
eLearning Instructional Design Evaluation Consultants Needed Job at National Association of State Boating Law Administrators. Apply now with your resume at Completely free.

eLearning Press Releases

Epignosis eLearning Solutions Introduces The TalentLMS Cheat Sheet Series
Epignosis, the leading eLearning solutions provider, is proud to announce the release of The TalentLMS Cheat Sheet Series, a collection of useful, reference-level supportive materials for eLearning novices and experts alike.

Learning Analysis, Design And Delivery Are Key, Say L&D Professionals
Learning analysis, design, delivery, and related software solutions, are key issues for visitors to the recent Learning Technologies exhibition, in London.

Evidence Emerges That The European Market Is Waking Up To Benefits Of LCMS
Visitors to its booth at Learning Technologies in London raised five key issues with the digital learning content management business solutions producer, eXact learning solutions.

2016: By Far The Best Year Ever For Easygenerator
2016 was a remarkable year for authoring software provider Easygenerator. Revenue doubled and the company successfully continued its international expansion, raising expectations for 2017 even higher.

Epignosis eLearning Solutions Releases Native eFrontPro App For Android
Leading eLearning solutions provider Epignosis has just released a state-of-the-art Android application for its’ flagship Learning and Talent Development platform, eFrontPro.

eLearning Events

Gamification, Learning And Employee Engagement
Join us for an expert series webinar on how to use gamification throughout the employee lifecycle to reinforce learning, performance and career management. This one-hour webinar is scheduled for the 28th of March, 2017.

Scenario-Based eLearning Design Certificate
Attend Training magazine’s most popular Certificate Programs from your office! In this live, online workshop, starting March 30, 2017, learn the step-by-step process of designing and developing scenario-based eLearning programs.

Designing eLearning With Captivate Certificate
Attend Training magazine’s most popular Certificate Programs without leaving your office! In this live, online workshop on April 3, 2017, learn the process for building a course for both desktop and mobile using Adobe Captivate.

Gamification, Threaded Microlearning And Measurement
Join Dr. Will Thalheimer of Work-Learning Research and Roni Floman of GamEffective in this special webinar, scheduled for the 4th of April, 2017.

The 70:20:10 Introductory Programme For US/European Regions
This eight-week learning experience, starting on April 19th, will introduce the 70:20:10 model and provide an opportunity to apply your learning immediately while receiving expert coaching support throughout the entire process.

eLearning Infographics

10 Most Influential People in EdTech in 2016 Infographic
The 10 Most Influential People in EdTech in 2016 Infographic provides a list of edtech influencers who share their expertise and insights on edtech.

5 Essential CV Writing Rules Infographic
Here are our 5 essential CV writing rules to ensure your CV makes a winning impression and carries you through to interview stage.

9 Simple Ways To Improve Your Creativity Infographic
The 9 Simple Ways To Improve Your Creativity Infographic puts together nine ways in which you can reliably work to improve your creativity.

Common eLearning Development Challenges Infographic
As an eLearning professional you have to consider a wide variety of eLearning challenges. This infographic shows common eLearning development challenges.

The Hard Truth About Workplace Diversity Infographic
Resume whitening is a real problem in the corporate world. The Hard Truth About Workplace Diversity Infographic presents some of the latest research.

Free Video Tutorials Online

How To Copy/Cut/Delete/Crop A Video And Audio With ActivePresenter
This video will introduce you how to copy/cut/crop/delete video with ActivePresenter.

Gamification Of Learning Examples: Gamification In Business
Gamification in eLearning development imparts an effective informal learning environment and gamification of learning helps learners practice real-life situations and challenges in a safe environment.

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