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Top Instructional Design Trends and Outlook for 2014This Week’s Best eLearning News and Articles (Issue 17)

Top Instructional Design Trends and Outlook for 2014
As an e-learning, m-learning, and ILT vendor-partner working directly with clients and as manager of a team of instructional designers, Catherine Davis actively works on innovative instructional design projects every day. Preparing for the new year ahead, Catherine recaps the instructional design trends and opportunities in 2013 that we’ll continue to see in 2014. While instructional technology, including m-learning and gamification, made headlines, storytelling chops and effective communication skills were just as important.

8 Brain Research Discoveries Every Instructional Designer Should Know About 
Every new discovery is an important piece of the brain puzzle and an indispensable guide to creating effective eLearning material. Understanding how the brain works definitely influences your student’s learning readiness. Educators, instructional designers, and eLearning professionals in general ought to be interested in the brain because after all, they teach brains!

Free eBook (136 pages!): How to Deliver Better Training
How to Deliver Better Training – a collection of training hints, tips, and tricks, prepared by teachers, for teachers. Download this free eBook here!

Ways To Make Corporate Learning More Effective
There is often an unnecessary gap between corporate learning and retention when it comes time to implement what was learned. The following five tips will help you save money and time from being invested in wasteful training.

How People Learn: 8 Timeless Principles for Effective eLearning 
Effective learning doesn’t require expensive technology and elaborated training sessions. It doesn’t even demand the impossible from you, the course developer. But it does call for a change in mindset.

Moving to Mobile – What are the Gotchas? Part 4
A strategy is needed in order to successfully launch any mobile learning (mLearning). There are seven categories within a mLearning Strategy that, when addressed, will amalgamate your work into “gotcha” free mLearning. This blog will cover the last one – Outcomes. Additionally, I’ll point out where Raptivity can assist with your mLearning Strategy.

Gaze Into The Future Of E-Learning With Karl Kapp – Part 2
Part 2: In an exclusive interview with Learnnovators, Karl Kapp shares his insights and foresights on the challenges of building an education system that aligns with the dynamically changing demands of this knowledge age. He also speaks about how gamification is going to influence this learning revolution, with advice for today’s instructional technologists and companies who aspire to incorporate gamification in learning.

How To Improve Online Discussion Posts
Minor changes may help your online course become more successful or easier to navigate. Upon completing an online course, take a little time to reflect on the class. An unscientific experiment allowed this author to better understand student engagement between video discussion posts and typed discussions.

8 Tips for Engaging Students in e-Learning
You might have been asking, “how can I make my students be more active in online or class discussions?” or “how can I make them more interested in what they are learning and doing?” At this article you will find 8 tips to address your questions based on my experience in teaching and designing online/blended courses.

Whiteboard Animations in e-Learning: It’s short and sweet!
Whiteboard animations are videos that ‘show’ the learner an idea or concept through a series of live drawings. Being short and crisp, they align very well to the needs of the modern corporate learner and are fast gaining popularity as an impactful tool for learning delivery in technology-aided learning.

Virtual Classrooms vs. Web Conferencing
Learn the comparative analysis between web conferencing platforms and a Virtual Classroom System (VCS) and choose the right solution for your particular online teaching needs.

So is it the end of MOOCs?
What happens when the genius behind the crazily popular AI course decides to abandon ship, his crew fighting and fending for themselves? Some say that the world of MOOCs would never be the same again. Of course it’s none of our businesses to meddle into a person’s private decisions, till the time it doesn’t affect millions of people in the world.

eLearning Infographics

The Importance Of Technology In Education Infographic
Technology in the field of education can be a powerful tool. The Importance Of Technology In Education Infographic presents 5 benefits of technology in education.

Teachers’ Educational Content Curation Infographic
The Teachers’ Educational Content Curation Infographic focuses on curation and identifies ways educators can start curating content in order to harness information in the digital age.

Multitasking Teachers Infographic
The Multitasking Teachers Infographic provides basic tips for surviving in a multitasking environment.

The Educational Technologist Infographic
161 EdTech professionals were surveyed in order to define the role(s) they play in K-12, higher education, corporate, and government work environments. The survey results are presented in The Educational Technologist Infographic.

The History of Learning Management Systems Infographic
From the very basic “problem cylinder”, “KHUT”, “SAKI” to Microsoft’s Sharepoint Learning Kit and the powerfully simple ProProfs LMS, this inforgraphic tracks the incredible journey of Leaning Management Systems since it began in 1906, when University of Wisconsin was established as the first distance learning institution.

eLearning Jobs

eLearning Specialist Job at Brentwood, TN, United States
The e-Learning Specialist’s role is to design, and sometimes deliver, web-based training to end users via web-based educational models and corresponding software tools.

eLearning Events

Best of Learning Solutions: Ideas You Can Play With
We learn through playful discovery and experimentation. But are we using playfulness in the design of interactive learning systems? This complimentary webinar on January 15 at 10:00 AM PT will examine some of the more interesting interactive learning environments, explore how their design uses principles from psychology and neuroscience, and focus on how learning comes from interactions with the external world. Register today!

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