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This Week’s Best eLearning News and Articles (Issue 174)

Performance Support Tools - Tips And Strategies To Boost Employee Performance

Performance Support Tools – Tips And Strategies To Boost Employee Performance
Formal trainings are often not enough to obtain the required gains in workforce performance. This article provides tips and strategies on how you can use Performance Support Tools to supplement formal training and boost employee performance.

What Is The AICC Standard And How Is It Relevant To My eLearning Plan?
In 1988, the Aviation Industry Computer-based Training Committee (AICC) was formed to make sure training material could be developed, delivered and evaluated across the increasing number of computer-based training platforms.

We’re Live: Introducing the TalentLMS Android App
We are proud to finally press the publish button on this post and announce to the world that the Android version of TalentLMS is, as of this minute, ready.

12 Templates We Can, And Should, Use While Designing eLearning
Just to be clear, I’m not referring to the pre-programmed visual templates that come with authoring tools, which you can apply to your course by simply changing the color and the content. I’m talking about the key building blocks that make up a course (specifically the ones that often get overlooked).

Why Microlearning is Important (And How to Design It)
Microlearning is one of the elearning industry’s hot topics at the moment, and rightly so because it is very effective. And the good news for learning professionals? You don’t need a different set of skills or to invest in new technologies to start designing microlearning.

7 Traits Of A Successful Corporate eLearning Culture
Is your corporate eLearning culture on the road to success? Does every employee feel like they’re part of something bigger and better? Or are there still some aspects of your online training community that need a bit of work? In this article, we’ll highlight the top 7 traits of a winning corporate eLearning culture.

Go Beyond Badges And Leaderboards: 5 Examples Of Gamification In Corporate Training
With the usage of gamification in corporate training maturing, the focus is shifting on adopting strategies that can further leverage on it. In this article, I share 5 gamification examples that go beyond just badges and leaderboards.

Customer Service Management Initiatives That Boost Your Business
Taking the right customer service management measures is imperative for any service oriented business hoping to generate happy, returning clients. Most enterprises today understand that offering excellent customer service is crucial and can make or break a brand. But how does one become customer centric and ensure quality service while staying efficient?

7 Tips To Evaluate Your Resources Before Outsourcing eLearning
Are you getting ready to outsource your eLearning? If so, have you already gathered your assets and conducted a thorough inventory? In this article, I’ll share 7 tips to evaluate your assets before you outsource eLearning.

How To Make Work Fun: 7 Companies That Get It Right
Now, more than ever, employers need to make work fun. Did you know that the average work week is around 40 hours long? This means that you spend around 4000 hours at work over two years – roughly the same amount of time it would take for you to travel to mars.

7 Ways A Supportive Online Training Culture Improves ROI
A supportive online training culture encourages continual development and professional growth. But it also has a significant impact on your corporate eLearning ROI. In this article, I’ll discuss 7 benefits that a supportive online training culture can bring to your company’s bottom line.

5 Useful Tips For Designing eLearning
Content is always king. But, the importance of visuals cannot be undermined. It is imperative to design eLearning with memorable imagery that holds the learner’s attention. Thoughtful and consistent placement of text, graphics, empty space, and color contributes to the overall learning experience.

Making Managers Out Of Millennials
The presence of millennials in the workplace has become the focus of HR professionals across every industry. Despite this somewhat controversial subject, recent studies have shown that there’s actually little to no difference between the generations in terms of work ethic.

Cognitive Load And The Return On Mental Investment
One of the most frustrating experiences for a learner is mentally investing in a course but then getting nothing out of it. Situations like this typically mean that the course isn’t helping the learner manage their cognitive load, and it’s an instructional designer’s job to be considerate of this factor.

8 Explainer Video Facts
With mysimpleshow we offer you a tool to make your own explainer videos. Find out about 8 really interesting explainer video facts, making it obvious why you need your own video.

Preparing Students To Produce Digital Content
Preparing students to create digital content is more important than ever, as technology becomes more prevalent in schools and the need to prepare students for the 21st century workplace is more pressing.

Blended Learning Advantages And Disadvantages In Corporate Training
Does blended learning really offer the best of both worlds? More importantly, is it the right approach for your corporate training strategy? In this article, I’ll help you answer these key questions by exploring the benefits and drawbacks of blended learning on-the-job.

How To Convert Legacy Courses Into HTML5 The Right Way
You have decided to adopt mLearning (or mobile learning) and are ready to move your legacy courses to HTML5. Obviously, this involves a significant budget and you want to be certain that you have chosen the most efficient approach to convert your legacy courses into HTML5. In this article, I will share some case studies to outline how you can manage this migration into HTML5 the right way.

How Tin Can API Compliant Learning Management System Can Help Your Organization
Tin Can API is the new learning standard adopted by a growing number of learning professionals and organizations to make sure they get the most out of their training endeavors. There are many benefits of this new standard in entirety, the main being that it is a powerful platform for assessing the true impact of training.

3 Benefits And 4 Tips For Using Online Testing In The Workplace
Looking for ways to measure the success of corporate learning? Want to give your corporate learners the opportunity to strengthen their skills and identify areas of improvement? Read this article, to discover how online testing can improve on the job performance and increase your training ROI.

8 Reasons Why Storyboarding Is Important Before Jumping Off To Development
A storyboard is important element of any eLearning development project. And in more ways than one, storyboarding lowers the production risk. Here’s why.

eLearning Industry Top Authors

10 Design Principles Of Using Multimedia In eLearning
Multimedia have been effectively utilized in learning and their benefits for classroom learning are well documented. Since they are also well-adjusted to online learning, with the development of technology there are many elements to choose from.

Top 7 Skills That Today’s eLearning Jobs Demand
What are the skills that eLearning job seekers and recruiters should be focused on today? Get the update on career outlook and the top skills that eLearning jobs require now.

Virtual Classrooms Vs. Web Conferencing
Web conferencing is about assembling people in a room and exposing them to content. It’s about workers learning what they’re supposed to learn –when they’re told to learn– and all according to the way you want to teach. For a time, that was enough.

Calculating The Total Cost Of LMS Ownership: Why Cheap LMSs End Up Costing More
Have you ever tried to calculate the total cost of LMS ownership? In this article, I’ll break the myth behind the total cost of ownership of seemingly less expensive LMSs, and I’ll explain why cheap LMSs may end up costing more.

4 Tips To Help You Complete Online Assignments On Time
Most of the people who study online have other demanding commitments. As a result, online assignments can pile up and become overwhelming. These tips will help you avoid missing assignment due dates and ensure your online assignments are submitted early.

eLearning Jobs

Instructional Designer
Instructional Designer Job at Success Academy Charter Schools. Apply now with your resume at Completely free.

eLearning Project Manager
eLearning Project Manager Job at National Glass Association. Apply now with your resume at Completely free.

Financial Training Associate
Financial Training Associate Job at NRUCFC. Apply now with your resume at Completely free.

Instructional Design Specialist, Part Time
Instructional Design Specialist, Part Time Job at Miami University Regionals. Apply now with your resume at Completely free.

eLearning Associate
eLearning Associate Job at The American Institute of Chemical Engineers. Apply now with your resume at Completely free.

eLearning Press Releases

EI Design Unveils New Logo And Website
With a fresh logo, new website, and a range of new and exciting learning and performance solutions, Brand EI Design just got better!

InfoPro Learning Named Potential Leader In Fosway Digital Learning 9-Grid™
Infopro Learning, a full-service L&D outsourcing partner, is honored to debut on the annual Fosway 9-Grid™ for its potential in the Digital Learning space.

Agylia Named Top 3 Mobile And Top 3 Social LMS For 2017
Agylia named as world’s top 3 social LMS to add to top 3 mobile LMS as part of Craig Weiss’ 2017 Top 50 LMS Report.

ExpertusONE Ranked A Best LMS For Distributed Multi-Audience Learning
Placing in the top 3 LMSs for both enterprises and extended enterprise, Craig Weiss finds ExpertusONE to be a robust, virtually one stop shop platform with a mobile app that “has it all”

The 2017 Corporate eLearning Movers And Shakers List
“The 2017 Corporate eLearning Movers And Shakers List has become less “regionally” based and become more of a “worldwide” market – aided, of course, by the internet, business globalisation and all the attendant factors of modern corporate life.”

eLearning Events

The 70:20:10 Introductory Programme For US/European Regions
This eight-week learning experience, starting on April 19th, will introduce the 70:20:10 model and provide an opportunity to apply your learning immediately while receiving expert coaching support throughout the entire process.

Expert’s Guide To Better Learning Tech Choices: LMS Evaluation Webinar
Choosing the ideal LMS from hundreds of solutions can be a complex, mind-numbing chore. But there’s a better way. On April 21, join independent LMS analyst John Leh and eLogic Learning to see how you can evaluate learning platforms like a pro.

gomo Webinar – Transform Your Learning Strategy: Retail
Join gomo MD Mike Alcock for an exclusive look at creating an effective training strategy for the retail sector. This free gomo webinar is scheduled for the 27th of April, 2017. Register now!

Free Webinar – How You Can Use Microlearning To Improve Your Corporate Training ROI
Almost 80% of L&D professionals believe that Microlearning benefits businesses. Why? Register today for this webinar, scheduled for the 27th of April, 2017 for insights on why Microlearning works and how it can enhance your ROI on corporate training!

ATD 2017 International Conference & Exposition
The ATD 2017 International Conference & Exposition is the largest event for talent development professionals worldwide. It will provide you with the knowledge, strategies, and solutions you need to effectively train and develop talent. Join ATD 2017 on May 21-24, 2017.

eLearning Infographics

Your Digital Learning Roadmap For 2017 Infographic
Look forward to 2017 with this Digital Learning Roadmap which indicates a possible path you could take as you contemplate your training and technical needs.

12 Ways To Energize Learning Infographic
This infographic presents twelve ways you can shake up and energize learning with tried and true instructional strategies.

eLearning Interaction Building Tools Comparison Infographic
The eLearning Interaction Building Tools Comparison Infographic compares tools on various parameters that are vital to create eLearning interactions.

Student Devices On The K12 Network Infographic
The Student Devices on the K12 Network Infographic presents what educators and staff report on their practices related to device usage in their schools.

VMware Sees Success With MOOC Infographic
VMware chose EdCast to launch the “Virtualization for Beginners MooC” earlier in 2016 as part of the VMware Academy initiative. The results were surprising.

Free Video Tutorials Online

How To Use Interactive Videos For Learner Engagement
The popularity of videos and increased use of mobile learning or mLearning have led to extensive usage of videos in online training. Even though videos appeal to the learners, they are passive. This article highlights how to use interactive videos for learner engagement by negating that passivity.

How To Create Quizzes In ActivePresenter
This video introduces you in details how to create quizzes in ActivePresenter.

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