Issue #197

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This Week’s Best eLearning News and Articles (Issue 197)

Serious Game Secrets – What, Where, How, Who Cares?
Serious games are games that are designed with the intention of improving some specific characteristic of learning. They are used in areas of military training, corporate education, health care, and can be made applicable to almost every field.

5 Gamification Fails And How To Fix Them
Is gamification an innovative game changer, or a gimmick that will fall by the wayside? When used with the right content and audience, it has great potential… but it’s not always easy to find that sweet spot.

3 Reasons Why You Should Not Ignore Millennial Learning Needs
There’s a lot of discussion and debate over millennial learning needs. Do Millennials really need to be treated differently than other generations? The answer is yes – here’s why.

Effective Leadership in a Multigenerational Workforce
Leading a team in a multigenerational workforce is difficult and presents obstacles to interpersonal relationships. These challenges can take the form of different life experiences, standards and expectations, and opposing ideas of what the workplace should be like.

Planning Ahead: How to Spot Potential for Leadership
The ability to find leadership potential in current employees is one of the most important things a company can do to maintain their adaptability. A company’s future is becoming more and more dependent on the thoughts and ideas of its new employees—after all, they’ll be the ones responsible for ushering that company into the future.

6 Reasons Why You Should Use Simulations In Corporation Training
Here are 6 reasons why corporations are increasingly leaning towards simulated teaching experiences.

How Can You Improve Your Corporate Training ROI Through Interactive Videos – Featuring 3 Examples
Interactive video is being considered the next big thing for mLearning or mobile learning solutions. It appeals to a wider audience (Millennials as well as other learner profiles) and is more engaging compared to videos. This article features 3 interactive video examples that showcase how you can improve your corporate training ROI.

The End Of Formal Learning Content
Since formal learning content takes up so much time, and is often hit-and-miss, what would happen if we got rid of it completely? Is it possible to have a content-free learning program?

5 Top Tips To Choose The Best Training Management Software For Your Distributed Workforce
Is your workforce spread out over various offices and locations? We’ve got some tips for you when it comes to choosing training management software which will work for your distributed workforce.

How Siemens Used The ExpertusONE LMS To Achieve Standardized Training Excellence
Siemens is one of the world’s best when it comes to corporate training. Siemens won a prestigious Brandon Hall Excellence Award, and dramatically improved employee performance across 80 offices, with a strategic skills training program and their new cloud LMS.

6 Ways To Know If Your Learning Management System Is Worth The Investment
Your training improves your bottom line in all kinds of ways, some of which are hard to find. The more you look and the more value you discover, the more complete your training ROI will become.

From Zero To Hero: Learning The TalentLMS REST API
Having isolated software that can’t talk to other systems is like the first telephone device: Cool, but useless. See, information needs to be able to move between the various tools that make your organization run smoothly, and that’s exactly the reason TalentLMS has embraced REST API.

Top 3 Soft Skills Every Training Program Should Target
Soft skills constitute an immutable need to every company’s operations. There are certain soft skills all employees of a company are expected to have regardless of level or position, in order for the company to prosper. In this article, I’ll present the top 3 soft skills every soft skills training program should focus on and try to develop.

Game-Based Online Learning: Ringing The Death Bells Of Boring Training
Game-based learning integrates online games into the learning process to help teach a specific skill or achieve a learning objective. Read this article to know about game-based learning, how it is different from gamification, and how it makes online learning fun and engaging.

Making Gamification Work For Workforce Training: Factors That Make A Difference
Gamification can be used in several different contexts but for incorporating game elements into workplace training and learning, the most crucial is the task of integration activities and exercises within the game design.

7 Ways To Solve L&D Challenges With SharePoint Workflows And Version Control
In this article, we will explore some Learning and Development challenges to see how SharePoint’s workflows and versioning capabilities can help you solve them.

6 Tips To Create A Realistic eLearning Outsourcing Budget
You’ve decided that outsourcing your corporate eLearning project is the right way to go. But how can you make sure that you stay on budget and make the most of your existing online training resources? Before you seal the deal on your vendor partnership, here are 6 tips to create a realistic eLearning outsourcing budget.

3 Interactive Video Platforms For Your eLearning
3 of the market prime, interactive video-development tool providers explain us why interactive video is such an important tool in today’s eLearning.

3 Things To Consider When Using Technology In Your Onboarding Process
There are practical (and impractical) ways technology is used every day. When designing your onboarding process, there are tools that are useful but may be inappropriate to your design. By asking yourself “will this get the job done” may be more effective than you may realize.

Sales Funnel Stages And Content Marketing: 5 Things You Need To Know
For decades, the sales process has been envisioned as a free-flowing funnel. But is this really the best approach to online marketing?

Realistic Training: How Realistic Should Training Be? (Part 1)
In this month’s article, I’ll discuss what research tells us about the nature of realistic training.

eLearning Jobs

Associate Vice Provost, Online And Distance Education
The Associate Vice Provost (AVP) will articulate and carry out the vision for online and distance education at LSU as a seamless and fully accessible network of learning opportunities.

eLearning/LMS Specialist
USA Football’s E-learning/LMS specialist is responsible for working directly with the football education team to build best in class online courses.

Sr. e-Learning Consultant
Produce dynamic, technology-enabled learning through eLearning, mobile and virtual (augmented reality) delivery formats. Act as a resource to department managers and staff to identify development needs and identify potential solutions.

E-learning Solution Specialist – Proposal Writer
PulseLearning is an award-winning Global learning providers with a client list that includes many of the “who’s who” in the Technology, Finance, Retail, Hospitality, Health and Defence sectors.

Instructional Designer-Full Time Tenure
This position will coordinate all activities in the Technology, Education, and Collaboration Center (TECC). This includes working with faculty on the design and development of accessible instructional content for all courses with an emphasis on support for online and hybrid deliveries, and conducting research on emerging technologies for use in an academic setting.

eLearning Press Releases

Manage eLearning Course Reviews With zipBoard
An easier way to gather feedback while developing eLearning courses from both team members and SME’s – guest sharing without login comes to zipBoard.

LIQUID-U™ Launches New Online Wine, Spirits, Beer & Bartender Skills Academy
LIQUID-U™ provides restaurants, beverage retailers, distributors and suppliers a new turn-key training resource to upgrade and safeguard their employees’ basic beverage knowledge – all without the cost of content or elearning platform creation.

eLearning Africa 2017: Learning In Context
Details of this year’s eLearning Africa conference, which will take place in Mauritius from September 27-29, have been announced, with a comprehensive programme of relevant events all linking under the theme ‘Learning in Context.’

OEB Global 2017: Pre-Conference Workshops Announced
Fresh details of this year’s much anticipated OEB Global conference have been released with the pre-conference workshops now available to view online.

SweetRush Celebrates The Expansion Of Its Solution Architect Team
Kate Hixson, PhD, SweetRush’s fifth Solution Architect, brings deep experience in the learning and development field, a focus on collaboration and creativity, and a passion for technology in learning to her new role at SweetRush.

eLearning Events

eLearning Africa 2017
Join eLearning Africa 2017, the 12th International Conference on ICT for Development, Education and Training. The conference is scheduled for September 27-29, 2017.

Maximizing Onboarding Impact Through Innovation And Scale
Join us for current research and theories in onboarding, best practices from some of AllenComm’s largest clients to help you improve employee retention and long-term value, and ways to effectively elevate your own onboarding program. Join AllenComm on September 27, 2017.

ATD Core 4 Conference 2017
ATD’s Core 4 Conference is a two-day event that focuses on the foundational elements that every learning and talent development professional should comprehend for success. Join us, on September 28-29 in Austin, Texas.

Webinar: 9 Ways To Assure Your LMS Implementation Has A Happy Ever After
Join Gary Underhill, Sr. Solutions Consultant for Expertus on October 5, 2017 to learn 9 ways to assure your LMS rollout has a happy ever after.

13th Joint European Summer School On Technology Enhanced Learning
Join the vibrant network of Technology Enhanced Learning experts, junior researchers and PhD students across Europe and the World in a fantastic town of Aveiro on the Atlantic coast of Portugal! The event is scheduled for October 9-13, 2017.

eLearning Infographics

Adult Learners Need Engaging Course Design Infographic
The Adult Learners Need Engaging Course Design Infographic shares what affects the attention span of adult learners and how thoughtful course design can be a powerful tool in meeting the needs of how today’s learners focus best.

Why Use Responsive Web Design Infographic
Responsive design can improve user experience and accommodate everyone, whether they are on a desktop or a smartphone or tablet. With the gaining popularity and demand of smart phones, the need for a responsive design has now become a necessity.

Are Learning Leaders Prepared for Digital Learning? Infographic
This is a sample of the information compiled by the Brandon Hall Group to address the growing concern of how learning and development professionals will prepare themselves for the changes they are facing in the Are Learning Leaders Prepared for Digital Learning? Infographic .

The ADDIE Model Infographic
Ιf you are new to the industry, or simply have not heard the name before, the ADDIE Model Infographic will get you up to speed, introducing you to the methodology and showing you how it can help you.

6 Ways Technology Is Driving a Digital Evolution in Education Infographic
Now more than ever, schools and universities around the world are coming to understand the value of digital evolution in education. Smart buildings and interconnected infrastructures enable people to reimagine what it means to be on a campus or in a classroom—whether they’re staff, faculty, students, or researchers.

Free Video Tutorials Online

Creating Font Themes In Articulate Storyline 360
In this tutorial, I’ll show you how to create font themes in Articulate Storyline 360 (it will also work in SL 1 and 2). Once created they’ll be available for any project and you can also edit your font themes if needed.

Creating Colour Themes In Articulate Storyline 360
In this tutorial, I’ll show you how to create a colour theme in Storyline 360 (it will also work in SL 1 and 2). Once created they’ll be available for any project and you can also edit your colour themes if needed.

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